Friday, January 29, 2010

China Glaze RED-CURL-GRL with Victoria's Secret Nice

I am on my 4 of 5 days for my RED week, and I am tired of reds!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that I am not boring you to death.

So I started with China Glaze RED-CURL-GRL, it is a very pretty red with pink glass flecks. Although I don't like reds too much, I LOVE a good pink, the hotter the better. I really like that this polish leans pink because of the shimmer.

The formula was amazing, the polish went just were I put it, and there was no need for cleanup! This is 2 coats.
And how do you know that I am tired of reds???

I tried Konading something to it, with the white konad special polish I have, and that was a total FAIL!, maybe if I tried it with a silver, or something. Frustrated with Konad, I went to look through my sheer polishes, I figured I should be able to find something that changes it a bit.

I ended up pulling out a polish by Victoria's Secret Pink Me Up, I think the name is nice multicolor micro glitter/shimmer on a clear base, so the red base will still peek through. I have no idea with VS doesn't label their polishes, the name labels are attached to the scan codes, which are removed once you take the plastic wrapping off. Anyway here it is...
I am saving the best red untried for last.............. NFU 59!!!
Can you believe that I have never worn it? I figured we might as well with something a little different for the weekend.