Saturday, January 23, 2010

China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le

When I walked into the break room yesterday morning to get ready for work, a girl noticed my manicure (Metro Chic Matte) from across the room. She asked if it was a lavender, I said "not quite"; then she asked if it was gray, and I said "not quite".  So I walked over to her so she could see it close up =P

The part that surprised me was that she asked me if I owned a Periwinkle, at first I was trying to remember what the color looked like. I knew it was bluish, but I also knew that it was a bit complicated to describe. Then the flashlight went off and I remembered that I had a color with that in the name. So I figured I might as well wear it to work today so she can see it.

This is the first time I wear the color, and I love it!
The first coat was streaky, but after a 2nd heavy coat it was presentable.
The color is a little complicated, it is blue with a little bit of purple, a little dusty, just PERFECT!
Thank goodness for my daylight lamp! This is as close to the real color that I could get, I tried using different lights, and changing the color balance. I think by know I should just trust my lamp, and my flourecent2 setting in my camera =P

I saw the most astonishing thing on the subway today. There was a girl with highlighter yellow nails, and the ring finger was a neon pink. The best part was that the other hand was neon pink with the ring finger in yellow.  She was reading to her little boy, and I was sitting next to them. If she had not been occupied I would have asked her if I could take a picture of them, but didn't want to interrupt.
I told her that I loved her nails!