Sunday, January 24, 2010

NYC 140B Empire State Building

I found this color while perusing the racks at Duane Reade (a drugstore chain in New York City). Every year at the beginning of the year they have a lot of their makeup on clearance. When old colors are being discontinued, which then is awaited by the anticipation of new colors coming in.

I found this color from NYC New York Color. It looks like a couple of the colors that I already own, although it did not seem as sheer. It is a turquoise color with a green shimmer/flash. I put on 3 coats of polish, and from afar they look almost teal. I like this color, even if they always lean a bit green on my skin tone. anyway without further ado...
Should I have done a 4th coat? I couldn't wait to show you guys this color!

As well as this color, they also have a new vampy plumish color. I have too many of those, so I did not pick it up.

Also... for anyone that is in NYC... It seems like Duane Reade is expanding their Sinful Colors collection. Remember to pick up your new Rewards card, and before Feb. 2nd (I think) you can get 10x the points on any purchase over $25. I am waiting until some new colors are available this coming week, and then I think I am going to haul a bit of drugstore polishes!