Monday, March 15, 2010

LA Splash Enchantress and some swatches

I received some samples from LA Splash Cosmetics.
I love their motto: "DARE TO MAKE WAVES" Isn't that perfect!
All of these swatches are 3 coats, first onto the pictures...

Sparkling Oceanspray
Teal glitter suspended on a clear base. I haven't seen a color quite like this before, and I like it. In the bottle it looks like a party. This is the color by itself. I need to do a mani with it layered over a teal, or a mint green. it might be added to my St. Patrick's day manicure!

It is a combination of pink, blue and silver glitter on a medium pink jelly.
It reminds me of a jelly donut with sprinkles! Perfect flirty summer shade!

Pretty Jelly Fish
This is purple and teal glitter suspended in a pink frosty base. When it is on the nail it is not frosty at all! It is so pretty!

My NOTD for today!
Pink and silver glitter suspended in a dark redish purple color. it is a little winy.
The hardest color to describe. When I received the package it was the one that was the most boring. I mean looking at the rest, which are all parties in the bottles, this one was unassuming. I did single finger swatches when I received them on Friday. And it was immediate love once on. It is a jelly, and it needs a couple coatf of top coat for it not to be bumpy. But that is expected from glitter polishes.

I am glad to say that LA Splash nail polishes are becoming more easily accesible, as they are now available in Ulta, and even in Duane Reade in NYC. They retail for $3.99.

Let me know what you think of these!