Sunday, March 14, 2010

RIP Tigger... I am going to miss you...

I don't have many pictures left of Tigger, 3 failed hard drives later.

He was given to me by one of the guys that I worked with, this little orange kitten was SO little that he fit in my purse on the way home. And he was so little that he would fall asleep on my chest llistening to my heart neat every night when he was little. Tigger was like a dog, he would wake up in the morning just to be petted, and would follow you around the whole house.

My ex just sent me a text today letting me know that Tigger had passed away while he was at work yesterday. (He has all the fur babies as I couldn't bring them home with me) I am still working on getting specifics, although it really doesn't matter. EDIT... It looks like he fell and hit his head on the floor =(

He was precioius and a very special cat! And I will always miss him.

December 2003 - March 13, 2010
Tigger loved drinking water out of this fountain!
Tigger and Koda playing with some shreded paper. They used to have so much fun together.
Tigger and Koda sleeping... RIP little one... I will never forget you!

I just hope that Koda is alright without him, they used to be shadows, and playmates. Tigger thought he was a dog, and Koda thought she was a cat. So they got along stupendously!

I wish I had more pictures to show you guys...