Saturday, June 12, 2010

Evolution of a Manicure...

First we started with this white polish I got at Claires for $1.75. I like it! it is one of my favorite colors, and a shimmery white always makes your nails look amazing!
 I didn't feel like taking it off... (got lazy... it happens... I have been working TOO much!)
So I put on Nails Inc Paris, one of the Diet Coke polishes (THANK YOU... you know who you are *kisses*!) I love Nails Inc polishes, and wish they were available in the United States! The coverage on all I have tried is superb... so I knew this would cover the white. This was 2 coats.
 Can you believe that I still did not want to take it off???
So I added 2 layers of Milani Hot Metal!
What a great combination!!!
I got lucky that I had minimal tip wear with these polishes... otherwise I wouldn't have gotten so fortunate. If I had had tip wear I would have taken it off and just started fresh.

Tomorrow you will see the evolution of the next manicure I had on...
This is what I get to experiment on, since I have SO many post scheduled