Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A french Evolution =P

So I went from the French that I showed you last night to this...
It has been so warm lately in NYC that I haven't even felt like moving... much less changing my nail polish! THAT is a bad sign!
I needed a color that would be opaque in one or two coats... I picked up RGB Oxblood (one of the polishes that I picked up during their birthday sale)... sorry for the tip wear... I tried to fix it a bit for the picture, but I was wearing this ALL day...
 I picked up OPI This Little Piggy... a couple of days ago, and I figured this was a perfect time to try it, since i am so tired right now that I can't think about changing my polish... I can't wait for my vacation at the end of July! This is 2 coats of This Little Piggy... there is so much complaxity in this polish, pink, blue, yellow micro glitter, it is quite lovely!
I think I have a total of... 9 or 10 coats of polish right now... I don't have much of a choice to change it tomorrow night!