Monday, November 22, 2010

Crack polish from Born Pretty!!!

I have been playing with the samples that I was sent from the Born Pretty Store!
I was so excited to receive that I complately forgot to take a picture of all the goodies which I have received!

I was having issues using the crack polish on top of a completely dry manicure... it kept flacking off!
So as a tip apply it while the polish is still wet/tacky, then as it dries the cracks will appear!
It is not too bad to remove either! When I apply the crack polish over another color, the layers set, but they are not completely dry... I am not sure that this makes much sense, but if you take a bath/shower before you are to remove the polish, you will be able to scrape off most of the crack layer without ruining your nails. Then apply some nail polish remover to completely remove the layer you had underneath the cracking polish!  It is lots of fun, and I still have anothr 3-4 colors to try!
So there is more crack to come =P

(the white underneath is Sephora by OPI Full Moon, so the white cracks glowed in the dark! It was awesome! Even if my camera could not pick it up AT ALL!)

Jessica from Born Pretty is super nice and has offered to give everyone a 10% off special. Code is OPENTENOFF, The coupon is good until December 31st!
I have been having fun cutting the Fimo canes which I received, and looking at the Rhinesones. I promise I will post all the ideas that I come up with!

Work has been a little crazy lately though, so it might take a while for me to post something other than swatches! The holidays have started, the holiday catalog was released... which translates to 6 days a week! So I am not doing much other than working and sleeping... so please forgive me if things get a little repetitive =P