Sunday, November 28, 2010

I have missed you !!! I hope you don't mind the novel =P

Usually I am SO good with my posting...
Usually I have the whole month set up with daily posts for you!
So I have the need to apologise! I have missed you!
Work has been getting crazy, our holiday catalogue came out, and we are on mandatory overtime!

What has happened this past week...

* I got a new camera!!! so hopefully better pictures are in our near future! (super excited about this!) --- It is actually an old camera that my dad doesn't use any more... it has a whole 5.1 mega pixels!!! =P But considering that I take pictures for a web site that doesn't matter too much. I got the Olympus C 5060, and it is the most complicated camera that I have gotten since my manual SLR. But I can adjust the white balance, and it has a super macro setting too! I will show you some of the tests that I have done with the lens! (hopefully I will get to that tomorrow!)
I hope you guys don't mind that I might start showing you some random pictures!
After all... It is Christmas season in New York City, and this is my favorite time of the year in the city... absolutely beautiful (and of course it gives me a change to experiment with my camera!)

* I have almost finished my Christmas shopping! I only have to buy my mother's gift and then I am set! --- I am going to have to knit 2 scarves too... my aunt and uncle are coming from Panama for the holidays, and it is the first time that they will be here with us... so YAY!!!

* The new crush I have at work thinks I am cute, but doesn't want to get involved because he "works" with me (I have received ALL this information second hand... through a not so reliable source!) I hate when people discount you, just because they work with you! It is one thing if we were in the same department, or if we saw each other through out the day. BUT we don't work in the same floor, I never see him unless I am doing an errand on the sales floor (I mainly work in the corporate offices, so I don't get to walk in the store more than one maybe twice a day... If I get lucky!) This guys is seriously the best catch... old enough (younger than I, but not TOO young), he has a college degree, he is tall, easy on the eyes, and from what I hear he is a NICE guy, and has manners too! I don't come in contact with too many (...any) guys like that! Especially considering how often I am at work!!!

I haven't even gotten a chance to visit my friends in MUA... I miss you guys!

I also wanted to introduce you to Nadia G from Bitchin' Kitchen. She has a cooking show on the Cooking Network, along with a YouTube channel! I have only seen a couple of the episodes of the show, and she has me in stiches! I laugh so much that I start crying...
She cooks with 3 inch + shoes, and dresses like a rock star!
Take a look at her Rock This Look section where she tells you exactly what she wore, and what polish she had ON! You have to love soemone that is aware that... inquiring minds want to know! =P
Love her! and I hope you take a look.

I can't leave you with out a picture...
So here is OPI DS Magic... LOVE this color!