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I have pictures of the Pride Parade 2011 NYC! I thought you guys would like to join in the revelry!

(This is not nail related... you may skip, there is also some nudity, you have been WARNED)
And we need Lady Gaga's I Was Born This Way" To set the tone... As this was the unofficial anthem of the parade!

These guys had the best view!!! Right from their apartments =D

Gay Marriage JUST passed in New York, so this was a BIG celebration!

CHECK OUT THE HEELS! All of these guys had sky high heels! I don't know how they can walk the WHOLE parade on them, as I know I CAN'T DO THAT!

This guy was wearing teddy bears all over his pants!

The police commissioner Kelly came to the party! The mayor too but he was surrounded by his entourage

I thought that flag was SO cute!

This was one of the ton of churches that walked the parade! At least 20!

I don't know who these people were representing, but they had awesome costumes!

The BODIES on these guys!!!

(EDIT: This picture was added at my mother's request! We went to see the parade together, and enjoyed the show that these Boot Camo Gym guys gave!... LOL!)

As you can tell clothing was optional at this event =P

I loved that sign!

The Pakistani Contingency

(the rest of the pictures were taken with my cell phone as my cameras batteries DIED!
Sorry for the lost of quality!)

And that car was moving at the time!

The bird that he has on his head is REAL!

The Argentinian Contingency

Google's motto was: "Only our computers are in the closet"

The Zipcar boys

The Peruvian Contingency

The Brazilian Contingency


This guy had Easter eggs on his leotard, and plastic toys in his head =D

I thought this banner was very pretty

And after the Parade was done this was what was left ALL over the streets!

It was a great party! and it was a historic celebration!
Just remember that you don't have to be LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered) to believe in equal treatment for everyone under the law!