Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nails Inc Brook Street

2 Coats
nails Inc describes this color as: Soft pink coral nail polish.

All of the Nails Inc swatches that I am going to show you in the next couple of weeks are between 2-3 coats, with a few exceptions, which I will point out.

Although these colors might not be unique in the nail polish world, the quality of the Nails Inc formula makes them one of my favorite brands. So much so that I have bought many of them paying the going rate in the UK (which is 11 pounds!). Nails Inc even made an appearance in New York City for the 2009 Holiday Season when they were available for a very limited time at Henry Bendel (here they were on sale at $16 each).

Just imagine cremes that are SO pigmented that you only need ONE coat... if you are careful.
This will explain why I need to get all the other colors that I don't have from Sephora! They are an absolute steal at $9.50 each. And I can't wait to get them all, so I may swatch them for you.
I am going to show you all the ones that are available there first in case you are interested =P