Saturday, July 30, 2011

OMG!!! Look at the email I just got!

It is too bad that doesn't ship to the USA =(

nails inc London
The most exciting collaboration of the year - Little Miss nail polishes available here first!
Little Miss SplendidLittle Miss Chatterbox
Little Miss SunshineLittle Miss Naughty
To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Splendid and Little Miss Chatterbox went out for a manicure. Little Miss Chatterbox couldn't stop chattering about wanting her nails painted a soft greige; the colour of the season. Little Miss Splendid failed to find a minty green that was perfectly splendid enough for her, while Little Miss Naught had trouble looking for a pastel colour that was a naughty enough purple. And Little Miss Sunshine couldn't find the precise peachy shade for her. So they went to Thea Green, founder of nails inc. 'We can't find the perfect colours for our manicures', they all chanted together. 'Don't worry,' said Thea, 'I'll make them for you.' And that's just what she did.
Which Little Miss are you?
Little Miss Chatterbox - perfect taupe nail polish
Little Miss Splendid - fresh aqua nail polish
Little Miss Sunshine - soft peach nail polishLittle Miss Naughty - muted purple nail polish
Little Miss polishes are a fantastic way to give a unique and personlised gift to someone special. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to snap up these beautiful polishes. They are true collector's items that no nails inc fan should be without.
I know the colors are not unique... but look at those bottles!
Sorry the bottle pics are all over the place! I just couldn't figure out how to edit them nicely...