Sunday, August 28, 2011

Revlon Sunshine Sparkle

3 coats, This was less of a nightmare than I was expecting.

Hurricane Irene came and went, and thankfully she didn't do as much damage as was expected!
I slept during the worse of the storm, as it arrived overnight, It is still windy at the moment but at least we are drying off. Our usual average rainfall for August in NYC is 4.22 inches, and this month we had 13.26 inches. UNPRECEDENTED! But we are forecasted to be dry for the rest of the month!
Public Transportation is still not back up, there was a lot of flooding in many train station. We don't know when the system will be back in operation. We got off easy!
It has been a very odd week, he had aftershocks from a earthquake AND a hurricane =O
I think Mother Nature had a lapse in her memory...
She forgot that we are not supposed to get either of these!