Friday, September 30, 2011

SpaRitual Knowledge

3 Coats
Part of the SpaRittua; 2011 Fall in Pink Breast Cancer Awareness colection.
From all the swatches which I had seen of the collection THIS was the color to own!
A light pink with lots of golden tones.

BB Couture Eve

2 coats
Here is another Olive color =P
This time an Olive with a pink shimmer and green micro glitter particles.

Nails Inc New Bond St

2 coats
Nails Inc Description: Silver shimmer nail polish... not cute... It is PINK!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cult Nails Awakening, and Hypnotize Me

2 coats
I love colors like this, a little smoky, and murky.

I took off Awakening from my ring finger so you could see how Hypnotize Me looks on its own.
1 coat ove Awakening, and 3 coats on it's own.
This is awesoe as a layering polish! Look at all that sparkle!!!

Cult Nails In a Trance

2 coats
I am not a green polish lover, especially not army green!
BUT I really like this color! It looks like an Olive.

Nails Inc China Town

2 coats
Nails Inc Description: Irridescent shocking pink nail polish
It has a pink shimmer, barely noticeable.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ManGlaze Fu** Off And Dye

2 coats
And with a top coat
I love this color. I had to buy it for the name!

Claire's Cotton Candy Scented Polish

2 coats
I really like this color, is has a little blue shimmer that make it really special.
It smells like the Cotton Candy BubbleYum gum, which I loved as a kid =P
It is still available at Claire's

Nails Inc Westminster

3 coats
with one coat of Matte About You: 
This must be older as well as I can't find any information on it

This is the only Nails Inc color that I have been really dissapointed with.
A streaky mess! Not even the Matte Top Coat is able to fix it.

I find it interesting that Westminster is also the name of one of the colors available at your local Sephora store, a lovely pueple. Not available on line.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wet N Wild Creepy Pumpkin

3 coats

And this is one coat over Black Magic 
I don't think there is anything creepy in this color. It is great if you are an orange lover.

Wet N Wild Black Magic

2 coats
A glitter filled black released for Halloween.
It reminds me of Material Girl Phantom, but Phantom shows more sparkle.

Nails Inc In Style Coral

2 coats
This is another giveaway from in Style Magazine, from years ago.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Maybellin Purple Trend

2 coats
This is a (very) brownish purple. I sound it at KMart, a lonely bottle in an almost empty maybelline makeup fixture. The KMart in Manhattan is terrible, but sometimes you can find some things.

Claire's Rose Polishes

White- 3 coats

Lavender- 3 coats

Pink- 3 coats

Blue- 3 coats

Silver- 2 coats

I didn't want to split up the set, I think they would all start looking the same.
Take a look at your local Claire's location as these polishes are on clearance tight now =P

Nails Inc Victoria Street

2 coats
This must be an old polish as I cant find any information on it,
all I can tell you is that it was part of a set.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wet N Wild FuchsiaRama

2 coats
I had no idea that the fast-dri line had a wonderful Jelly?! I am going to use this in a jelly sandwich!
I love that it was even (not streaky!), and didn't need 3 coats for it.

Cult Nails Enigmatic

2 coats
I really like this color, perfect for fall

Nails Inc Portchester Square

2 coats
Nails Inc Description: an ultra delicate putty shade
This is one of the new shades that I picked up at Sephora.
I have a handful left that are not available in the United States,
and then I will show you my Sephora acquisitions.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

OPI Crown Me Already!

2 coats.
It is super dense glitter in a clear base.
It could use another coat for full coverage, this will make a great top coat!
Need to use this in a Jelly Sandwich, it will be wonderful!

OPI Congeniality is my Middle Name

2 coats
Another glowy magenta!

Nails Inc Palace Gardens Terrace

2 coats
Nails Inc Description: Rich Dark Taupe

Friday, September 23, 2011

OPI Suimsuit...Nailed it!

2 coats
LOVE THIS!!! So glowy!
I have heard that this color stains, but I usually use 2 base coats which curtails that a bit.

OPI It's My Year

2 coats

Nails Inc Beaumont Street

2 coats
It is a lovely pink, but I can't find any release information for you.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

OPI Pros & Bronze

4 coats!

It is a very pretty glowy copper color, but I don't know if I will ever have the patience to spend the time to apply 4-5 coats! It is lovely as a top coat as well. Something other than my usual silver loves. 

1 coat of OPI Love is a Racket

OPI Love is a Racket

2 coats.
It is so glowy and sparkly that my camera didn't want to focus.

Nails Inc Victoria Gate

2 coats
Nails Inc Description: Glossy Dark Purple
It is a very red toned purple.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Essie Main Squeeze

3 coats... it could use a 4th.
This is one of my palatte cleansers

BB Couture Maleficent Magenta

2 coats
I am introducing my mom fingers!!! I have started giving her a manicure once a week.
I get to choose the colors =P and get to use her nails on my blog too!

Nails Inc Berkeley Square

2 coats
Nails Inc Description: Dark Grey

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Layla Magneffect Metallic Sky

This is the last of the Magnetics that I have for now.
Aren't they cool?!!!

Comparison of Essie Dive Bar and Models Own Pro Midnight Blue

Index and Ring finger: Models Own Pro Midnight Blue
Middle and Pinkie: Essie Dive Bar
When I first saw these polishes in the bottle they seemed very similar, but on the nails they are very different. The shimmer in Dive Bar is mainly Teal and much smaller than the shimmer particles in Midnight Blue. The particles in Midnight Blue are teal and pink and blue as well. It is more complicated on the nail.

Nails Inc Clerkenwell

2 coats
Nails Inc Description: Deep Dark Teal

Monday, September 19, 2011

Layla Magneffect Purple Galaxy

1 (ONE) coat!!!
I love magnetic colors, I am going to have to pick some morcolors up.
This was only ONE coat, and it completely covered!
Also I would recommend that you wait a bit before adding your top coat, as it can pull the design.

SpaRitual Sacred Ground

2 coats
I love this color, it is a little mousy (as my mom calls these type of colors) but very pretty and sparkly!
2 coats

Nails Inc Queensgate Mews

2 coats
Nails Inc Description: Sultry Black Grape

Sunday, September 18, 2011

KleanColor Holo Chrome

2 coats
My friend described it as the same color as a little girls jelly sandals, and it is even better in real life!

Essie Dive Bar

2 coats
This is one of the color that is part of the Dive Bar collection which is being released in Winter.
Thiw was one of the colors that was exclusive to Essie's retail line, and now professionals will get a chance to own the shade as well.

Nails Inc Hampstead Heath

2 coats
Nails Inc Description: Cerise Pink

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Revlon Starry Pink

3 coats
I can't wait to wear this color out! It is SO pretty!
This is my favorite of the new glitters!

Essence Where is the Party?

3 coats
The Ring finger has a layer of black underneath to bring out the duochrome.
I am glad to say that it is not needed in the least!