Thursday, September 8, 2011

L'Oreal Mystery with Layla Magneffect Silver Galaxy

I actually get to show you my Fashion Night Out polish for FNO!
As most New Yorkers get to have fun... I get to be stuck at work until 9:30pm!!!
I hope I am able to get the FNO Nails Inc polish that is being released in Sephora!
2 coats.
On the bottle it looks like a lovely gray... and on me all the green that is actually there comes out.

I decided to experiment and see if Layla Magneffect Silver Galaxy could work as a "top coat" for other colored polish... The answer is not quite.
I figured that as the iron/metallic particles are pulled towards the magnet, it would leave space for the main color to show though, but it is on a dark base so the base color is muddied. I will have to try this over a lighter polish and see what type of difference it makes.
I like Silver Galaxy, it is very pretty and I have never seen a glittery magnetic color.