Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nails Inc Floral Street, Electric Lane, Deborah Lippman Yellow Brick Road

I know I usually show you Nails Inc polishes in the morning, but I wore this one for a couple of days, and it deserved a longer post... I hope you don't mind =P
3 coats, available in Sephora
Nails Inc Description: Brilliant, Bold White (!!!)
This is one of the only Nails Inc polishes that has given me some trouble. It was a bit thick. Next time I will add some thinner and hope that it fixes it. I was hoping for a one coat white.

It needed something so I added a coat of Nails Inc Electric Lane, a holographic glitter, and China Glaze Shooting Star, which is my favorite layering polish ever! 

Then I decided to layer a jelly over it, this time around the lucky polish was Deborah Lippmans Yellow Brick Road. I needed 2 coats for it not to be streaky. I don't like the end result, the yellow looks really muddied. 

I owe you swatches of Electric Lane, and Yellow Brick Road by themselves.
I will be swatching this weekend (Sunday and Monday are my days off). Hopefully I can have all of September scheduled by then! September at work will be SUPER busy, but I will have everything for the blog finished by then! (The power of positive thinking!!!! LOL!)