Saturday, November 5, 2011

Easy French Nail Tips Review

Here is after application, on naked nail plate. It is very easy to apply, I think it took me about 10 minutes MAX! There is also a video that shows you how to apply the tips at

This is with 2 coats of Essie Cloud Nine over the tips:
The tips were still too white for my liking, so I added a coat of NK Confetti: 
That is more like it!

Here is a picture before removal. This product only lasts a day on the nail,
This is the amount of time promised for hands, on toes it can last up to a week. 

I tend to be very hard on my nails, which is one of the reasons which I change my polish so often.
I usually get tipwear the very next day, so it is no surprise that this is where I had problems with this product. I am not a traditional french manicure girl, and I couldn't keep this on for more than a day nonetheless =(

You can buy them here:
You can either select a sample book for $15.99, or create a Custom set for the same price.
Here are the picture of the sizing guides, if you are interested please print from
 I think this is a very nifty idea, and very easy to apply!
It is a very easy way to create a classic French Manicure which looks like it took much more time.
It is a great product for those that really like French Manicures.

*This product was sent for review*