Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Revlon Perplex

2 Coats

Ladies... I wanted to thank you coming with me in this adventure that Chromatic Misadventures has turned into these past couple of years. Lately something has changed, I am feeling a little burnt out. I will not stop posting, but please do not be surprised if some days I only have a single picture for you. I need time to swatch, and my attention has been elsewhere.

I have been reading A LOT lately... but I don't know if you would be interested in hearing about this. I have also been planning to pick up my camera and start taking pictures outside once again, so this space is in transition. At this point I don't know the direction that I am heading for, but I hope you will stick with me along the way! Please bear with me while I regain my bearings...

I am still planning a blog sale of most of the polishes that I have swatched within the past 6 months, not everything of course, but I know that there are lots of colors that I will probably never wear again. My shopping sprees have been curtailed until this starts (unless of course it it a limited Wet N Wild collection, as it happened last night!  =P)