Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pahlish Mind Like A Diamond

This is 3 coats!
This polish reminds me of concrete and side walks. Sometimes they have a lot of salt crystals and just shimmer. It is stunning!!!

Thanks Marisa!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Models Own Indian Ocean

I layered Indian Ocean over Bubblegum. It is pretty and shimmery, although it muted the neon tones.

Ninja Polish Divinity

This is 3 coats!

Please be prepared to be spammed! I needed lots of pictures for this polish.

Models Own Bubblegum with an accent.

This is 2 coats of Bubblegum.
I also added a cut out of the flowers from Kiss Bail Dress stickers in Bustier.
I love it!

Now if only Mother Nature got the hint and the cold weather would disappear!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A preview of the Summer PixieDust Collection from Zoya

Edited post!
Received for review.

Zoya Solange (yellow), and Zoya Beatrix (orange). 3 coats of Solange, 2 cts Solange + 1 ct of Beatrix on top, 2 cts of Beatrix + 1 ct of Solange and finally 3 coats of Beatrix. I was playing with layering the polishes!

Zoya Destiny (coral), and Zoya Miranda (berry). 3 coats of Destiny, 2 cts Destiny + 1 ct of Miranda on top, 2 cts of Miranda + 1 ct of Destiny and finally 3 coats of Miranda. Miranda is more opaque then Destiny, so you can barely tell a difference between the last 3 nails.

Zoya Stevie (lilac), and Zoya Liberty (blue). 3 coats of Stevie, 2 cts Stevie + 1 ct of Liberty on top, 2 cts of Liberty + 1 ct of Stevie and finally 3 coats of Liberty. I am shocked to say that I ❤ Stevie!!! And Liberty is SO opaque that you only need 2 coats!
Liberty STAINS!!! So make sure that you wet a base coat, just let it completely dry before applying your polish!