Thursday, June 5, 2014

@daphinepolish Daphine Polish Cloud-pine. A #taupe light brown #shimmer with blue, green, and purple iridescent glitters. This is 3 coats. #daphinepolish #ignails #instanails #indiepolish Inspired by Pekkala, the queen of the witch clan, cloud pine is a type of magical tree used by witches to fly. Once the lover of gyptian Farder Coram, Serafina Pekkala allies her clan with the gyptians on their mission to rescue the children from Bolvangar. She rescues Lyra and Roger from the fight at Bolvangar and carries them to safety in Lee Scoresby’s balloon. “Up! Into midair Lyra and Roger were caught and swept, and found themselves clinging with weakening fingers to a cloud-pine branch, where a young witch was sitting tense with balanced grace…” The Golden Compass

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