Tuesday, June 3, 2014

@daphinepolish Daphine Polish Dust. This is 4 coats. A holo yellow chick polish. #daphinepolish #yellow #holo #nailpolish #nailblogger here is the description and inspiration from Daphine: Dust A light yellow-gold shimmer with a touch of scattered holographic effect. Dust is a metaphysical particle invisible to the human eye. Many of the adult characters in His Dark Materials have spent their lives researching and chasing Dust, trying to learn more about this mysterious particle, whether it be to harness its power or destroy it. “‘What is this Dust?’ ‘It comes from the sky. Some say it has always been there, some say it is newly falling. What is certain is that when people become aware of it, a great fear comes over them, and they’ll stop at nothing to discover what it is.’” The Golden Compass

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