Wednesday, June 4, 2014

@daphinepolish Daphine Polish Longboat. This was 3 coats. Such a gorgeous color. A dusty purple with gold and green micro-flakie shimmer, like sun and moss glistening in murky waters. It is inspired by Ma Costa, the leader of a gyptian family, who was Lyra’s nurse as an infant. She and other gypitans have been secretly watching out for Lyra on behalf of the king of the gyptians, John Faa. The gyptians are a nomadic people, living in longboats. They call the Fens of East Anglia home, but travel around Brytain through canals and rivers, making their livelihoods through trade. “In the long narrow cabin, by the light of a lantern on a hook, she saw a stout powerful woman with gray hair, sitting at a table with a paper.” The Golden Compass

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