Thursday, June 5, 2014

Here is the last polish from the His Dark Materials Collection by Daphine Polish @daphinepolish Here is Cittàgazze. This is 2 coats over black and white. This is 2 coats. You don't have to fish for glitter in this polish! It is so jam packed! #daphinepolish #nailpolish #nailblogger #ignails #instanails #indiepolish #glitter Loosely translated from Italian, Cittàgazze means “City of the Magpies.” This glitter topper in a clear base is inspired by the city of Cittàgazze in The Subtle Knife and the colors of the Italian Mediterranean. With more than 15 different colors, it sparkles enough to attract any glitter-loving magpie! “...these were tall palms, and they were growing, like the trees in Oxford, in a row along the grass. But this was the center of a broad boulevard, and at the side of the boulevard was a line of cafes and small shops, all brightly lit, all open, and all utterly silent and empty beneath a sky thick with stars. The hot night was laden with the scent of flowers and with the salt smell of the sea.” The Subtle Knife

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