Monday, October 13, 2014

I wanted to share this with you all! If you are not familiar with @nathanaellark you should run to his page and take a look at his wonderful work. You can learn to love your flaws! Every time that I see one of his posts through my feed it makes me smile! #Repost from @nathanaellark with @repostapp --- I LOVE YOU That's all. No strings attached. I would never presume to know the depths of your struggle or the heights of your success. I simply need you to know that you've got me in your corner no matter what. I will never judge you or ask you to be someone you're not. I will never guilt you for making choices that don't serve you well. I will love you. I will never ask you to love me back. I will never create conditions for my kindness. I will love you. In your lifetime you will navigate an ocean of doubt. You will be always on guard against people using "Love" like a crowbar to smash the glass of your defenses and steal something from you. I will never steal from you. I will love you. I will challenge you to see the best in yourself and to rise to it. I will encourage you to stand when you feel like sitting and to fly when you feel like crawling. I will love you. You will eventually doubt me (if you haven't already) because we've all learned that kindness comes at a cost. You will think I'm lying, exaggerating, planning and plotting against you and you will scold me for it. Still, I will love you. When the dust settles, when the smoke clears, when the roller coaster of your life finally slows enough for you to see past the blur... there I will be, as I have always been. Loving you. At your best, at your worst, at your most beautiful and at your most ugly: I love you. #ICanSeeYourBeauty #NathanaelLark

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