Thursday, October 23, 2014

#press ... Bloody Nails from @jinsoon Preparation Step: Apply a coat of JINsoon Power Coat Step 1: Apply JINsoon Kookie White on each nail Step 2: With JINsoon Coquette, wipe off all the liquid from the brush on the neck of the bottle and with varying short strokes, apply polish from top to bottom of the nail Tip: Change up how long the strokes are for a more realistic effect and don't be afraid to blot it in a few places Step 3: Go over the strokes you made with JINsoon Coquette using JINsoon Audacity in the same way, but apply it in fewer places. The goal of this step is to create depth to make the JINsoon Coquette look more realistic #Halloween #howto #instructions #nailart #nailpolish

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