Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I'm sure you've been seeing this tonight on your feed. Broadway Nails has taken The Polished Okie's intellectual property. #Repost @thepolishedokie with @repostapp.
Contrary to what many people may think, I don't do what I do to receive free polish. I don't do what I do to gain followers or likes. I paint my nails and take pictures of them because, as a mom, it's quite literally the only thing I do for myself. This "hobby" of mine has always been something I loved, and as of last Friday, I lost that love. 😔 Every ounce of respect I had for the professional nail world is gone. It's disheartening that a worldwide nail corporation thinks it is ok to troll OUR nail pages to find what is popular and take those designs. This #imPRESSnails situation has angered me. It has hurt me. To #broadwaynails, I'm just some crazy nail lady in Oklahoma who spends hours upon hours on each manicure, but was a moron who didn't copyright her work. Guess what? That's how they view YOU too. How can they work with other IG nail artists to design for them, but fail to contact me before printing my design onto their press-ons? Email is still a thing...right? Am I flattered they took my design? No. The path they chose to take is far from flattering for all parties involved. They assumed I was ignorant enough to take advantage of, so I am doing the only thing I can right now: using my voice. Guys, this is NOT ok. This is blatant stealing, and I won't be quiet about this. I'm not just some crazy nail lady...I'm a fighter. Consumers need to know who they're giving their hard-earned money to. 💗FEEL FREE TO REPOST.💗 @bwaynails @kissproducts #fakenails #pressonnails #imPRESSAccent #imPRESSmanicure #imPRESSmoment #KISSproducts #KISStrendingnow #broadwaynails

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