Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#Repost @badgirlnails with @repostapp.
So I just read a post by @thepolishedokie about how imPress press on nails (owned by Kiss Products) ripped off one of her designs to make a set of fake nails. Then I went to their page and saw THEY'VE RIPPED MY DESIGNS OFF TOO👎 Seriously. The exact same design, from the colors to every last line and dot. Yes, nail artists post their work on public forums for the public to see, but there is a HUGE difference between a random person copying a design without credit versus an INTERNATIONAL COMPANY doing so, and making a profit off of it. That's like an artist posting a drawing online and a clothing company taking this drawing and selling it on t-shirts without consent or compensation. They should absolutely know better. This has happened MULTIPLE TIMES to many bloggers. And it's time for it to stop🚫 ⛔️@bwaynails @kissproducts, it's time for you to show some professionalism. Whoever is responsible must be held accountable. Until then, please do not support this company or their shady practices😒 #impressnails #kissproducts #plagiarism #notimPressed

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